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Terms and Conditions


When you find the product you were looking for you can add it into your basket without commitment (Click on basket icone) You can view the content of your basket anytime without commitment by clicking on the basket icone. Products can be erased/deleted from your basket anytime if you click on the button "delete". When you want to purchase the product(s) click on the icone cash register/ till. You will be asked to provide your personnel informations/datas, your choice of payment and sign up a declaration. You can terminate/ break off the selling process anytime.

Final Contract ( definitif contract)

Contracts are available in 2 languages: English and German There could be some differences between the photo of products presented on the shop and the products you received. After registration if you click on the icone cash register you actually order the product(s) you have added earlier in your basket. Confirmation of your order takes effect as from the day the order is sent. The selling contract is established when your order is confirmed or at delivery of the package

Electronic Registration of the contract

The contract is electronic registered. Selling process datas and sales conditions will be sent by email and you can view these datas on your shop account after registration.


Prices are included VAT (20%). Delivery cost are calculated according to the quantity of products you order and the way we send the package. Delivery cost will clearly be communicated before the final payment.

Ways of payment

You can pay by prepayment, Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard). Others ways of payment will be communicated according to your choice of payment.


We delivery our products worldwide. Delivery time is mentionned with the decription of the product. If it s not mentionned the delay is 5 days after ordering.