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Right of withdraw

You can cancel your order without explanation within 2 weeks by sending a mail ( email, postmail or fax )or by sending the goods back only if you are particular ( This right is not applicable to companies) and only if the products has not been unsealed. Right of withdraw is taking effect as from the day you received the order, with a proof of the date. You have to send back either the product(s) or the mail before two weeks. Download products orders can not be cancelled. Returned products or mail must be sent to:

[International Trading Media Bt., Radi utca 7-9, HU-2600 Vac]

Results of cancellation

When the cancellation is taking effect product(s) must be returned , included possible charges( ex: interests) If you are not able to return the full product or if the product is damaged you own to pay the value of the product. This is also valid if you modified the product or if the product lost his value. This doesn t take effect if the product has a manufactoring error. Products that you can return by postmail will be at our risks. Products that you can not return by postmail will be picked up at your place. Money will be refund automatically within 30 days after you sent your right of withdraw declaration. You must pay the delivery cost when you send the product(s) back if the product fits the original order and the amount of the order is below 40 eur. If the order is over 40 eur but you can not provide a proof of payment , you will have to pay the delivery cost as well.

Right of withdraw is not applicable to:

* Products that is a special request or custom made product,

* Videos, audio material, softwares because you actually unseal the informations/datas you have been given,

* Magazines, books, newspapers, cartoons.

* Download products